Calvin McCall Lloyd, Author

I’d like to take a special moment to introduce, my father, my hero, Calvin McCall Lloyd.

He just recently debuted as a published author. Congratulations, Daddy!

His works may be found on AmazonEbay,,, and Half Price Books:

Me And Bart: Through White Eyes/Book One: Mexia to Mexboro

Set primarily against the backdrop of the rise and decline of one small Southwest Alabama community, and presented through the views and ventures of a “white-eyed” boy, through young adult narrator (me, Gordon) and his slightly elder brother (Bart), the ups-and-downs of the family of Calvin Soles Lloyd were typical rather than the exception for most every family of early 1900’s Southwest Alabama country folk. Prosperity was a fledgling and floundering thing at best. On the not-so-prosperous times, no one cared or dared speculate. One never knew when he might’ve been bordering either one. Still, two boys “jus’ bein’ boys” managed to live their childhoods and young adult lives as normally as could’ve been lived under oftentimes raw and unrelenting circumstances. Good times and hard times were the “as-luck-would-have-it” ingredients of lives enchantingly lived in an era which could revel in nothing more than “more-than-its-share” of uncertainty. But, whoa, now! None among us has ever given up easily, anyway. If we “gave up” at all. The human spirit has “never been one to bow down,” even to what the people of a certain time-and-place might come to visualize as their “seemingly” inescapable lot. Nor would that spirit “bow down” here, in two small rural communities of Southwest Alabama, where living day-to-day never meant the rising of the sun tomorrow. Alas! Unless one “makes it so.” In the beating heart the sun does most certainly and undeniably rise. The soul behind it will “see it an’ have it” no other way. Chock-full of humor and “down-to-earth-ness” and sprinkled (as is life) with no little disappointment and heartbreak, these pages do not thrill with “action-sequences (of which there are none)” but rather with the utter simplicity of the aims of their characters toward living till tomorrow should come. ME AND BART: THROUGH WHITE EYES is presented in this current volume, Book One (Mexia to Mexboro) plus two forthcoming volumes, Book Two (Mexboro) and Book Three (Mexboro To Mexia) Calvin McCall Lloyd (for Gordon Harris Lloyd).

Me And Bart: Through White Eyes/Book Two: Mexboro

Against the backdrop of the “track side” community of Mexboro, Alabama, the Calvin Soles Lloyd family mini-saga-of-many-parts continues through the years 1917-1921, through, and beyond the heyday (or “Golden Years”, so to speak) of Mexboro – as seen through the eyes of the “white-eyed” boy and his elder brother, Bart. “All I can say is, don’t letcha’selves be gittin’ too overanxious, now…About what it is that me an’ Bart’ll be gittin’ ourselves into next, purely incidentally, of course…Dependin’ on how ya’ look at it.”

Me And Bart: Through White Eyes/Book Three: Mexboro To Mexia

The Calvin Soles Lloyd mini-saga-of-many-parts returns to near-where it began, as seen through the experiences of “White Eyes” and his Big Brother Bart.

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