Hello, I am Evey—your typical Sagittarius girl.

I say girl because I have managed to maintain a childlike nature for over thirty years now. Nerf gun wars and video games with family and friends, and chasing my two dogs, Barli and Beauregard, around the house are still things I do with a happy heart and ease. I am a pretty understanding, open-minded person, always seeing others through rose-colored glasses. My perpetual willingness to help everyone, even strangers, has left me in some delicate situations. I am spontaneous, adventurous, and courageous, except about scary movies and mountain climbing. I don’t consider bloody, gory, demonic stories, and in turn nightmares as entertainment; and there is something about the thought of plunging to my inevitable death that turns me off. I am ambitious and hardworking. I get excited about learning new things, and I tend to seek out the truth in everything.

I personally consider the latter characteristics as a positive persona; however, I am not without fault. I tend to enjoy gambling and other forms of risk taking. I may seem lazy or undisciplined to most because of my tendency to move on rather quickly when I get bored. I get squirmy when I feel unnecessarily obligated or trapped in a situation. Even though I have experienced many emotions, I lack a deep understanding of most, and may seem harsh to those who are more sensitive. I curse a little, and have to actively concentrate on being tactful. I have almost no tolerance for blatant stupidity and pure evil. All in all, I am a normal person.

Throughout the dark ages of my life, in addition to the amazing people who were impeccably placed, there was and still is a guiding Light. I don’t like to label myself a Christian, per se. I would rather not associate with what that label has come to mean. However, I do believe in Jesus Christ, His sacrifice and offering, that I will always fall short of perfect, and that God Himself is my only saving grace from the sin that tries to devour this flesh and bone of mine. In this life, I will always be working on my wings.

It is my great pleasure to meet you, and I do hope that the feeling is mutual.