Hello, I am Evey.

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am a pretty inquisitive, understanding, open-minded person, always seeing others through rose-colored glasses. My perpetual willingness to help everyone, even strangers, has left me in some delicate situations. I am spontaneous, adventurous, and courageous, except with horror movies and clowns–I will cut a clown! I am ambitious and hardworking, and have quite an entrepreneurial mind. I get excited about learning new things, and I tend to seek out the truth in everything.

I personally consider the latter characteristics as a positive persona; however, I am not without fault. I tend to enjoy gambling and other forms of risk taking. I may seem lazy or undisciplined to most because of my tendency to move on rather quickly when I get bored. I get squirmy when I feel unnecessarily obligated or trapped in a situation. Even though I have experienced many emotions, I lack a deep understanding of most, and may seem harsh to those who are more sensitive. I have almost no tolerance for blatant stupidity and pure evil.

All in all, I am a normal person making a daily effort to leave things better than I found them.


It is my great pleasure to meet you, and I do hope that the feeling is mutual!