Have you ever just wanted your own space where you may express, as difficult as that may be at times, your own unique thoughts? And actually have your contemplation take on a life of its own just by the sheer act of someone else’s reading it? Not like a diary or journal that will be hidden away in a drawer or under a mattress, only for your reflections to die from negligence. But a place where you may sharpen your rhetoric skills?

I suppose most, if not all, bloggers intend for their ideas to grow into conversations and not only be seen and then forgotten. I feel the same way.

Here, you will not find commentary on the latest Kardashian drama, or read theories about who Selina Gomez and Justin Bieber will hook up with next. Topics of this nature don’t concern me. I’d rather practice the art of articulation.

I’d like to appeal to a mature, intelligent audience. I’m not a philosophical expert or psychology buff, but I do feel that my meditations have substance, and I enjoy exploring them. Having said all that, you may expect to read about somber issues such as living with depression and anxiety, domestic violence and verbal abuse, cultural shifts and current events, etc. However, not all subjects will be uber serious. You will also experience lighthearted, carefree blurbs about fashion, pets esp. dogs, culinary arts, music, film, and inspirationals.

Regardless of the topic, I hope that you are interested and feel like staying for a while!

Welcome to Evey’s Reveries, and welcome are your connections and responses!